Colour sensor measures four channels

31st March 2023
Mick Elliott

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the OPT4048 Tristimulus XYZ colour sensor from Texas Instruments.

This is a single-chip high-resolution colour sensor that measures four channels, each with specific engineered spectral responses.

Three of the four channels closely match the CIE tristimulus spectra, with the fourth channel having a wide-band spectral response.

With measurements from these channels, important characteristics of the lighting environment can be extracted, like (i) light intensity (lux), (ii) colour in CIE XY, LUV coordinates, and (iii) Correlated Colour Temperature.

The OPT4048 is available in a small SOT-5X3 package.

Typical applications for the OPT4048 Tristimulus XYZ colour sensor include display brightness and colour adjustments, camera image correction, auto white-balancing, building automation and control, lighting control systems, and tablet and notebook displays.

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