Benchtop temperature measurement gets more accessible

6th November 2015
Mick Elliott

The PyroMiniUSB, a new USB infrared temperature sensor from Calex Electronics Ltd, makes non-contact temperature measurement in benchtop, laboratory and education applications easier and more accessible than ever before. This low-cost miniature sensor measures surface temperature with 1°C accuracy and with an instantaneous 125 ms response time.

The included intuitive, touch-friendly software provides a temperature display and a scrolling temperature chart. No configuration is necessary when measuring most non-reflective materials, however advanced software options also allow a range of partially reflective materials to be measured.

Data can be logged to an Excel-compatible text file.

Integration with third-party software is straightforward. The open Modbus protocol allows direct communication with the PyroMiniUSB sensor via a virtual COM port.

“If you want to quickly take a surface temperature measurement and see it on a PC, you won’t want an expensive sensor or extra signal conversion equipment,” said Anthony Smith, product manager at Calex.

“You just need a small, inexpensive sensor with a USB plug, and simple software to read the temperature. The solution is the PyroMiniUSB.”

The sensor is built as solidly as an industrial pyrometer, with a sealed stainless steel housing that can be fixed into position with the supplied mounting nut and optional mounting brackets.

A choice of wide-angle or narrow optics allows large or small targets to be measured at short or long distances.

As well as general industrial applications, this pyrometer is ideal for schools (for teaching concepts such as heat transfer, emissivity and thermodynamics), universities and test laboratories.

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