Automotive imaging radar using TI mmWave sensors

29th November 2019
Lanna Cooper

There is still some confusion in the industry about the different roles that three major sensor types - camera, radar and LIDAR - have in a vehicle, and how each can solve the sensing needs of ADAS and autonomous driving.

It’s clear today that relying only on optical passive and active sensors such as cameras and LIDAR is a challenge for automakers trying to adopt effective and affordable ADAS and autonomous driving technology.

In this presentation, you’ll learn why imaging radar is an effective way to achieve partial autonomy in levels 2 and 3 and may lead as the primary sensor in autonomous level 4 and 5 vehicles.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How we achieve a scalable imaging radar solution using TI mmWave sensors 
  • Benefits of multi-mode operation between MIMO and beamforming 
  • How imaging radar with TI mmWave technology delivers enhanced angle resolution and distance performance up to 300m
  • New four chip cascade RFCMOS Radar development kit - Imaging radar design becomes easier

For more information, watch the video below.

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