Automotive corner radar using TI mmWave sensors

9th January 2020
Lanna Cooper

Automotive corner radar can perform various applications including cross-traffic alert, lane-change assist, and blind-spot detection using TI mmWave senors.

These sensors are suitable in the automotive space since they maintain high performance regardless of environmental conditions such as rain, snow, darkness, etc. The AWR1843 is a single-chip radar sensor capable of performing all of the applications seen in this demonstration.

In this video, Texas Instruments will be talking about a transmit beam forming feature, which makes AWR1843 a preferred solution for automotive short range data applications, such as blind spot detection, cross traffic alert, and lane change assist.

Transmit beam forming feature is available in the AWR1843. These phase shifters allow all transmitters to focus in a desired direction. This provides high gain in that direction then a single transmitter in a traditional MIMO configuration.

The 6-bit configurability allows the beam to steer at the desired angle, with the steering resolution as low as 5.6°. These features makes AWR1843 much more useful in the applications where high gain will be beneficial to see in the far-end corners, where the gain is very low.

This feature differentiates the AWR1843 from traditional radar solutions available in the market right now and makes it the preferred solution for the short range data applications.

If you would like to recreate this and realise the same benefits for your own automotive application, then pick up the AWR1843 EVM and get access to all source code used in this referenced design at the link here.

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