Automotive capacitive pressure sensor interface

16th August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Texas instruments' TIDA-00149 reference design utilises a fully integrated SOC (System on a Chip) as an interface device for piezoresistive, strain gauge and capacitive sense elements. The device incorporates the analogue front end that directly connects to the sense element and has voltage regulators and oscillator. The device also includes sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter, 2DAC outputs, 8051 WARP core microprocessor and OTP memory.

Sensor compensation algorithms can be implemented in software which enables a fully configurable system that can be modified to support multiple sensor elememts. This design incorporates the PGA400Q1EVM board to create the solution.


  • Single +12VDC power-supply input for basic operation where 12V bucks down to 5V for the PGA400
  • On-board resistive and capactive sensor simulators
  • PC Control with a GUI and USB Communication Board
  • One-Wire-Interface (OWI) Activation and Communication circuitry

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