Analogue accelerometer for small hearable devices

21st April 2021
Mick Elliott

The VA1200 from Vesper is claimed to be the world’s first analogue piezoelectric voice accelerometer (a.k.a. bone conduction sensor).

It is a disruptive, low-power vibration sensor which enables high-fidelity Voice Pickup (VPU) in TWS applications.

The accelerometer comes in a tiny package (2.90x2.76x0.9mm3).

It reduces design time and design complexity, making it very easy to integrate into in-ear hearable products and the device offers a combination of low power, low cost, and high performance.

The VA1200 picks up the vibration of the user’s voice through the skull. It filters out background noises such as wind noise, music, subway noise and crowd noise.

Unlike a traditional microphone, it is completely immune to ambient sounds, and only picks up the user’s voice.

The VA1200 is the first non-microphone product based on Vesper’s patented piezoelectric MEMS transducer technology.

“Existing earbuds rely heavily on mic arrays and algorithms to suppress environmental noise during voice calls. Unfortunately, many products available on the market provide poor speech intelligibility and speech quality when exposed to challenging noisy environments. As a result, the user experiences poor voice-call quality. The VA1200 solves this issue at a compelling price point.” said Roberto Condorelli, Senior Director of Marketing at Vesper. “This technology will enable a new class of products such as earbuds, TWS, smartframes, smartglasses, headsets, and more. For Vesper, it represents a stepping stone towards full AR/VR applications which require more sensor miniaturization and integration. Vesper is already engaged with leading customers and partners who plan to roll out products using the VA1200 this year.”

Target applications for the VA1200 includes earbuds, TWS (true wireless stereo), VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), smartframes and smartglasses.

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