3D Time of Flight development platform

13th September 2019
Lanna Cooper

In order for machines to interact with the world around them they first need to perceive it the way people do, that requires advanced 3D imaging technology that is flexible for the breadth of use cases in industrial automotive.

To enable the design of complex 3D time-of-flight systems, Analog Devices developed a rapid prototyping platform with performance and flexibility in mind when paired with a processor board from the 96 board's eco system. The platform can be used for software and algorithm development allowing for more rapid evaluation and implementation.

A high resolution VGA sensor enables the acquisition of more depth data in order to better detect hard to see objects and good visibility and strong ambient light conditions allows use in outdoor environments.

Analog Devices offers a partner network of developers who can help customise the platform to individual needs with these tools. The time-of-flight platform will help you make machine perception a reality.

For more information, watch the video below.

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