User interface designed for EVs wins human-machine interface award

26th July 2018
Lanna Cooper


At the Car HMI Awards 2018, Luxoft Holding was awarded ‘Most User-friendly HMI Feature’ for its User Centered Electric Vehicle-Infotainment (LUCEE) UI.

The Car HMI Awards are part of Europe’s HMI and UX event, which brings together hundreds of experts in HMI, usability and user experience. It recognises projects in two categories: most innovative development process and most user-friendly HMI feature. 

LUCEE was designed specifically to meet the everyday challenges of interacting with electric cars by making a smartphone the central point of control for the system. LUCEE allows users to drag and drop tasks and information to personalise their screens, just like a mobile phone.

As an intelligent user interface designed for electric vehicles, LUCEE comes equipped with a self-learning AI personal assistant which recognises your voice. The personal assistant can take requests on what amenities you would like available at a charging station, such as one with a nice restaurant.

It also plans trips that take into account battery life and charging ports. Users then can see a dynamic visual of their entire trip on the screen, and can adjust their distance range and associated charge time with intuitive touch interactions.

“Linking a mobile phone to the car helps the driving experience feel connected, unified and make sense to users,” said Olaf Preissner, Head of UX Automotive and Innovations at Luxoft.

“LUCEE sets a new industry standard for user interfaces in electric cars, as it puts familiar, everyday concepts at the heart of its functionality. By pushing the boundaries of technology and design, our developers have created a way for electric car manufacturers to make their cars the more exciting to drive and easier to use.”

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