Ultra high efficiency engines designed for hybrid applications

21st June 2019
Lanna Cooper


In a free webinar to be hosted by Automotive World at 27th June, 2019 at 10am EST / 4pm CET / 7.30pm IST - Ricardo’s Richard Osborne and Roscoe Sellers will discuss how ultra high efficiency engines can be developed for hybrid applications.

The one-hour webinar 'How to achieve the next steps in engine efficiency for hybrid vehicles', will focus in particular upon the development of Ricardo’s Magma xEV engine concept which promises to deliver a significant improvement in efficiency.

This concept delivers 45% brake thermal efficiency, combining ultra lean, high compression ratio combustion, turbocharging and Miller cycle operation, with options for high energy ignition. Magma xEV has a Ricardo-developed and proven combustion system particularly suited to series HEV, PHEV and range extender applications. Engine-out NOx emissions are controlled by operating up to and beyond lambda 2, and through a tightly controlled engine operating region thanks to the high power electric motor in the hybrid powertrain system.

The webinar will explore how a new range of technology building blocks have become available for this form of powertrain hybridisation; these can be effectively combined by 1-D and 3-D simulation to maximise their contribution.

To this end, the webinar will cover the potential benefits of the selected engine architectures, combined with technology packages such as lean homogeneous combustion, corona discharge ignition and water injection.

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