Scalable solar park management

7th September 2018
Alex Lynn

The new solar park management system from Phoenix Contact aims to be the foundation for comprehensive park management. The system provides integrated and coordinated solutions for all standard interfaces, from inverter communications right through to complex feed-in control systems.

The software and hardware solutions, such as for monitoring or for the visualisation of weather data, can be implemented flexibly, and coordinated without limits and the required sensors are automatically recognised and imported.

The park management system consists of string combiner boxes, data loggers, a feed-in controller, a local SCADA connection, and a web portal. From the field level right through to the visualisation of data in a portal, we have developed a scalable concept for the comprehensive operational management of the system portfolio.

Each of these solutions can be implemented individually, and, where necessary, adapted to the specific needs of the customer. Together, the result is a holistic solution that intermeshes seamlessly, without the adaptation of interfaces.

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