Sales and distribution begins on the all-in-one energy storage system

20th February 2018
Lanna Cooper

Berlin-based energy solutions provider for single and multi-family homes which fulfils the need for energy independence, Home Power Solutions (HPS) has announced the official start of sales and distribution of the energy storage system Picea, an all-in-one unit to supply year-round power from the consumer's own photovoltaic system, beginning in March. Customer orders will be recorded in a waiting list as of 1st March 2018. The first systems will be delivered from the fourth quarter 2018.

The price for the first 50 Picea systems starts at €54,000 excl. VAT for the launch campaign. Picea is individually configured according to location, power requirements and features, which can affect individual pricing. Installation costs due to varying requirements onsite will be charged separately by the distribution partners, in line with usual practice.

Sales and delivery service as well as maintenance will be carried out by qualified distribution partners throughout Germany. Over the next months, HPS will qualify and train partner companies throughout Germany. The first partner meeting takes place in Berlin in February 2018.

Additional dates and corresponding training will follow during the year. Picea requires little maintenance and is designed for easy installation. The partner companies will be well prepared for the distribution and delivery of the first Picea systems.

Picea will be available in the fourth quarter 2018 after years of development and successful field testing. The target markets for Picea are both private new buildings and existing buildings. Picea can be installed both in smaller single households as well as family households. Due to the high level of interest, even before the sales start, a waiting list has been set up to ensure customers priority in the delivery of the first Picea systems, after a qualification of the construction project and the schedule.

Picea is an all-in-one energy storage system: energy storage, heating support and indoor ventilation in one compact system. Thanks to its high performance energy management system, Picea is able to meet the complete electrical energy needs of a family home. In addition, all waste heat produced is used to provide the house with heat, thus lowering the costs of heating.

Picea can be combined with all commercially available heating units and technologies. Compared to commercially available battery solutions, Picea has a hundred times more storage capacity with twice the output. Picea is energy efficient and provides energy in all seasons. This allows Picea to provide complete energy self-supply and independence from the grid.

"Together with our distribution partners and installers, we look forward to providing our mutual customers a long-awaited solution to their needs for 100% renewable and off-grid energy to enable the energy transition in their private homes. More than 800 enquiries from interested parties and potential partners confirm that we are meeting the spirit of our times," commented Zeyad Abul-Ella, Managing Director and Founder of HPS Home Power Solutions.

"Our energy storage system Picea was first introduced at trade fairs in 2017. Thereafter, Picea has frequently been discussed in various trade publications and in the business press. On the back of this publicity, we have experienced a tremendous response. This positive feedback motivates us further to develop the best possible energy solution for our customers which meets their needs for a transparent and clean energy supply."

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