Mobile, rapid EV charging station delivered

3rd June 2019
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that technology developer ZAPINAMO, has delivered its first fully commercialised mobile rapid charging station to HORIBA MIRA’s research and development facility for electric vehicles (EVs). ZAPINAMO has supplied the station to help HORIBA MIRA charge EV models and maximise operational efficiencies at its Technology Park in Nuneaton.

“We’re proud to be providing the first production line model of our mobile charging station to such a key player in the EV industry,” said ZAPINAMO CEO Ian Stillie. “Despite being less than five years old, our company and its rapid charging products are already making significant contributions to the advancement of EV technology across the UK.

“As a global partner to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, HORIBA MIRA is leading the development of smarter, safer and cleaner technology solutions. By supplying our mobile charging solution to its R&D facility in Nuneaton, we can play an integral part in advancing the company’s work even further.”

Known as the ZUPA, the mobile charging unit, developed and supplied by ZAPINAMO, provides off-grid, on-demand EV charging for all international charging protocols, including CHAdeMO, CCS, GBT and Tesla. The ZUPA stores electricity and is used to power-up electric vehicles anywhere on HORIBA MIRA’s 850 acres and 100km of Proving Ground. 

HORIBA MIRA’s Engineering Director, Nick Fell, said: “The ZUPA enables us to maximise efficiencies by fast charging of our customers’ EV’s anywhere on our site, allowing us to further advance our test, engineering and certification capabilities in electrified transport.”

Formed in 2015, ZAPINAMO provides ultra-fast EV charging capabilities to consumers and businesses across the UK. The company is supported by Venture Engineering specialist Productiv and is one of several technology developers to reside at The Proving Factory, Productiv’s Coventry-based facility.

Nick Rodgers, chairman of Productiv and Non-Executive Director at ZAPINAMO, added: “ZAPINAMO is a perfect example, not only of the technological capabilities that lie within the Midlands, but also of how Productiv can help turn these technologies into successful businesses. 

“Through the provision of advice, consultancy, supply chain development and manufacturing capacity, Productiv has helped ZAPINAMO grow from its two founders to a team of ten. We’ve also supported the company through several initiatives to develop its rapid-charging product portfolio, including its recent trial installation of charging facilities for electric cars at London Heathrow’s AVA park, a waiting area for taxis.

“We’re looking forward to working with ZAPINAMO further to build awareness of its charging products and grow the company into a successful technology business. If you’re a technology developer working on a similar project in the cleantech or automotive industries, please get in touch to see how we can help.”

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