Making electric cars more affordable and viable

14th September 2017
Lanna Cooper


Following the announcement that the car manufacturer, Nissan is launching a longer range version of its best selling Leaf electric vehicle.

CEO of Skeleton Technologies, Taavi Madiberk, said: “With the electric car market intensifying and competition in the sector reaching its peak, Nissan’s announcement of the long-range Leaf is another step forward in reducing costs and making electric cars commercially viable. In the UK this surge has seen a significant momentum with a recent report from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reporting a 50% year-on-year increase in sales of EV and alternatively fuelled vehicles.

However in order for this momentum to continue, the UK must now look to invest in building reliable charging infrastructure to match the surge of power demands. Government, regulators, industry bodies and businesses must work together to support energy storage technologies that complement the grid, such as ultra capacitor and battery technology, to allow us to smooth the peak power needs and manage the growing demands on country’s energy infrastructure.

With regulation forcing a response from manufacturers and a reduction in energy emissions, we must act quickly to create a foundation that will nurture renewable technology and support wider EV adoption to ensure that Britain can continue to innovate now and into the future.”

Image Credit: Nissan

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