Isolated voltage measurements in HEV/EV subsystems

30th August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Since HEV/EVs operate at high voltages in very harsh environments, high-performance isolated voltage and current measurement solutions are critical for maintaining powertrain efficiency and long-term reliability. To meet these performance and isolation requirements, Texas Instruments has released the AMC1311-Q1, an AEC-Q100 qualified, high-accuracy, reinforced isolation amplifier. AMC1311-Q1 for Isolated Voltage Measurements.

Most electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have multiple high-voltage (HV) powertrain subsystems, including:

• Traction inverter & motor control – drives 3-phase traction motor by converting HV DC battery to multi-phase AC
• On-board charger (OBC) – charges HV DC battery by converting AC line voltage to DC
• DC/DC converters – converts HV DC battery voltage to low voltage auxiliary power supplies for various electric loads such as infotainment systems, headlights, etc.
• Battery management systems (BMS) – monitors, controls and protects the charging and discharging of HV DC battery

While Texas Instruments offers a wide variety of isolated amplifiers and modulators for voltage and current measurements, the AMC1311-Q1 has several features that make this device particularly well-suited for isolated voltage sensing.

The AMC1311-Q1 offers high input impedance (1GΩ typical), a wide input fullscale range (0–2V) and excellent DC accuracy and drift performance, enabling high performance resistordivider-based voltage measurements over a wide temperature range.

Additionally, the AMC1311-Q1 offers high commonmode transient immunity (CMTI) and several fail-safe output modes to ensure reliable and accurate operation, even in noisy automotive environments.

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