Increased number of EVs means demand for innovative components

11th August 2016
Anna Flockett


Electric vehicles have seen a remarkable growth in the market in Europe; as a result leading automotive manufacturers are seeking innovative products and components to ensure that they are able to keep pace with demand for improved performance.

An example of this is the development work underway at Sussex based Lamina Dielectrics, who specialise in the manufacture of spiral wound; heat shrink and non-heat shrink tubes and endcaps that provide optimum electrical insulation.

Lamina’s unique spiral-winding and extrusion technology uses UL recognised materials for its range of tubes and endcaps to protect wiring in electric motors and transformers and as a result of the growth in electric vehicles, manufacturers are turning to Lamina for their specialist skills.

The last three years have seen a surge in demand for EVs with registrations for ‘plug-in’ cars in the UK increasing from 3,500 in 2013 to over 75,000 at the beginning of July 2016. As a share of new car registrations EV’s now represent around 1.4% of the total new car market in the UK.

This has resulted in a huge increase in the number of electric and ‘plug-in’ hybrid models available in the UK with each of the 10 best-selling brands in the UK now offering an EV as part of their model range.

Lamina Dielectrics have been able to demonstrate their capital resources and in-house technical expertise to not only create innovative new insulation products, but also the machinery and systems to produce them to the volumes required by automotive manufacturers. These developments are focused on high-temperature thin wall caps and new insulation products with improved varnish impregnation capabilities for demanding high-temperature applications.

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