IGBTs extend operational lifetime & efficiency

12th November 2015
Nat Bowers

Further enhancing IGBT performance, Infineon Technologies has announced the S5 (S for soft) family based on the ultra-thin wafer TRENCHSTOP 5 IGBT. This family has been developed specifically for AC/DC energy conversion in industrial applications switching up to 40kHz, typically to be found in PV inverters or UPS.

The S5 family addresses manufacturers’ requirements for system efficiency levels up to and beyond 98% for highest yields of energy from solar cell installations and reduced system costs. It delivers increased levels of robustness and quality to aid end customers in achieving up to 20 years of operational lifetime. Overall, the IGBT provides customers with improved efficiency, price competitiveness and robustness.

The discrete IGBT features improved switching behaviour to reduce circuit complexity and ultimately overall system costs by eliminating the need of capacitors and Zener diodes. They are typically needed to gain the highest efficiency and robustness, but can be eliminated when using the TRENCHSTOP 5 S5. In addition, increased robustness and quality levels are further enhanced with a 25% increase in surge current handling capability, which gives customers increased confidence in the robustness of their designs. The device has an industry leading low typical saturation voltage of 1.60V at +175°C. Therefore, high efficiency can be maintained even in high temperature operation.

The first wave of 30, 40, 50 and 75A current classes are available in the TO-247 3-pin package and are co-packed with the Rapid1 free-wheeling diode.

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