Giving you the power to electrify powertrain systems

24th July 2018
Lanna Cooper


Texas Instruments are giving you the power to electrify hybrid/electric and powertrain systems with the help of engine management, transmission, HEV/EV, powertrain sensors and power steering.

Engine management will focus on gasoline and diesel engine platform, engine fan, eTurbo/charger, and pumps. 

Transmission and power steering will look at automatic effects and electric power steering.

HEV/EVs will focus on battery management systems, DC/DC converters, inverter and motor control and on-board and wireless chargers.

Powertrain sensors will look at powertrain current sensors, powertrain exhaust sensors, powertrain fluid concentration sensors, powertrain knock sensors, powertrain position sensors, powertrain pressure sensors, powertrain temperature sensors and powertrain torque sensors.

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