Beep beep! The smart city autonomous vehicle is coming through

15th December 2017
Lanna Cooper

Manufacturer of the electric vehicles, Fisker, is entering an alliance with prominent China-based conglomerate, Hakim Unique Group, to develop what the company claims to be the world’s most appealing autonomous shuttle for smart cities across the globe. The partnership is reflective of both firms shared vision in new mobility trends and the elevation of integrated smart city concepts - bringing them to life with a powerful combination of infrastructure, world-renowned design and electric vehicle innovation.

Hakim Unique Group’s conglomerate of more than 160 wholly owned or partly controlled companies has an intense interest and expertise in developing smart city infrastructure - with a comprehensive range of experts across government, universities, operators and enterprises. And with full capabilities in consulting, advanced technical research, multi-mode operation, integration, implementation and operation - the company is positioned to influence the mobility needs, design and development of smart cities everywhere.

Fisker - the brainchild of automotive design icon and industry revolutionary, Henrik Fisker - has recently announced breakthrough developments on not just its own upcoming vehicles, including the Fisker EMotion luxury electric sedan, but in proprietary technologies that will change the face of the automotive industry and beyond. The company’s engineers, scientists and visionaries imagine connected cities that may benefit greatly from insight, expertise and aggressive R&D capabilities from a radically forward-thinking automotive company.

The first joint project will include the design, development and integration of a Fisker electric, autonomous shuttle into a 'Hakim Unique-implemented smart city.' ‘Fisker Orbit’ vehicles would benefit from Henrik Fisker’s futuristic design vision and the latest high technology ergonomic interior of the future.

Fisker will begin delivering the first Orbit electric autonomous shuttles by the end of 2018.

Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker said: “Our tireless work at Fisker Inc. has never just been about the design and development of our own compelling electric vehicles - but exploring new frontiers in technology across multiple industries for the advancement of human mobility and progression of society as a whole. It’s in this spirit that we’re thrilled to partner with Hakim Unique Group and a top entrepreneur in 'Jack' Wang Qicheng - who’s been at the forefront in investment, development and implementation of infrastructure for the smart cities of the future.

"The combination of our breakthrough automotive technology, design prowess and unique vantage point as industry revolutionaries - and Jack’s truly integrated vision of smart cities - is powerful. I am very excited about making the impossible, possible with intelligent urban ecosystems - starting with the development of one of the world’s most forward-thinking and uniquely designed electric, autonomous shuttles: The Fisker Orbit.”

Qicheng Wang (Jack Wong), chairman of Hakim Unique Group said: "Hakim Unique Group, as a leading Chinese enterprise in building smart cities, has been devoted to providing intelligent, convenient and integrated solutions for urban upgrading in China. We strive to bring the latest technology into the field of smart transportation and use it to improve public transportation, as well as help to promote social progress. Here, we share the same values with Fisker.

"Henrik Fisker - as an internationally acclaimed automotive designer, complemented with his strong team at Fisker - is a visionary with innovation and foresight in science and technology, giving us confidence in the prospect of our collaboration. Fisker and Hakim Unique Group will co-develop the autonomous shuttle 'Fisker Orbit,' in which Fisker will be responsible for technology development and product design, while Hakim Unique Group will be responsible for marketing and operation in China/Asia.

"The greatest opportunity for society in the future comes from the orchestra of data, intelligence and collaboration - as well as the convergence of online and offline activities. If we take this opportunity, we will restructure the business ecosystem. Hakim Unique Group aims to become an enterprise that can bring profound impact on human lives around the world, and even on the future of business. We believe that Fisker shares that same ambition, and our collaboration today will not only create a great win-win outcome, but also create a story and legacy to be relished by future generations.”

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