Low noise 400mA micro DC/DC converter with integrated coil

26th April 2012
ES Admin
The XCL208/XCL209 is a family of 400mA micro DC/DC Step-Down Converter with integrated coil. Measuring only 2.5mm x 2.15mm x 1.05mm, the XCL208/XCL209 series is designed to minimize EMC emissions and maximize efficiency, while delivering a very stable output with low peak to peak ripple Voltage (<10mV).
Operating from input voltages as low as 1.8V up to 6.0V, the XCL208/XCL209 is ideal for RF circuits and applications where PCB space is at a premium. Internally the XCL utilizes a simple package construction with low production costs resulting in a truly cost effective solution for high volume consumer applications.

Radiated Noise or EMC is a constant concern for many electronic design engineers. The XCL208/XCL209 has been designed to minimize this unwanted noise, making it ideal for sensitive applications. When tested and compared with a conventional DC/DC circuit with an external coil the XCL208/XCL209, with its integrated coil, shows a significant reduction in radiated noise achieved across all frequency bands.

The small size and simple circuit architecture makes the XCL208/XCL209 an ideal replacement for inefficient LDO voltage regulators and by integrating the coil, Torex has simplified the circuit layout for the designer and reduced the number of external components normally needed to implement this type of DC/DC solution. The smaller circuit layout also means less PCB tracking, which helps further reduce the radiated noise.

The output voltage can be fixed internally within a range of 0.8V to 4.0V in 50mV steps (accuracy: ± 2.0%) or adjusted externally between 0.8V and VIN by using two external resistors. The XCL208 operates with fixed frequency PWM control whereas the XCL209 has automatic PWM/PFM switching control providing fast response, low ripple and high efficiency over the full range of load conditions.

The switching frequency is 3.0MHz (± 15%) and the XCL208/XCL209 is readily available in the USP-10B03 package. Additionally a fully populated EVB can be provided upon request.

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