Tiny Dual Channel LDO Voltage Regulator

9th December 2010
ES Admin
The XC6420 is the latest generation of dual channel CMOS LDO Regulators from Torex Semiconductor. Comprising two independent LDO circuits, each able to deliver 150mA, the XC6420 offers designers maximum functionality in the smallest possible space.
Utilising the tiny USPN-6 package which measures only 1.3mm x 1.3mm with a maximum height of 0.4mm, the XC6420 delivers high PSRR (75dB@1kHz), low drop-out voltage (190mV@150mA) and low noise operation making it ideal for both RF and Digital applications.

Ultra fast transient response ensures the highest level of output stability and furthermore, each LDO circuit is completely isolated to ensure no unwanted cross-talk between channels during load fluctuations.

Consuming only 55μA per channel, the XC6420 is optimised for low power applications and each output voltage can be set-up independently within a range of 1.2V to 3.6V, in 0.05V steps with a ±2% tolerance. Both channels can be controlled independently using separate EN pins and in standby mode the current consumption reduces to 0.1μA.

The XC6420 is fully compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors and includes a CL discharge function with a dedicated internal switch to ensure the VOUT pin quickly returns to the VSS level when the LDO is shut-down via the EN pin.

The XC6420 can work from inputs ranging from 1.6V to 5.5V and it is also available in the SOT26 package for compatibility with older designs.

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