Voltage converters optimised for popular PSU topologies

14th December 2022
Mick Elliott

The VIPER31 series of devices are the latest additions to the VIPerPlus family from STMicroelectronics. They are in stock at distributor Anglia Components.

These high-voltage converters smartly integrate an 800 V avalanche rugged power MOSFET with PWM current-mode control helping designers to meet the latest energy saving standards whilst simplifying the design and reducing PCB component count.

The 800 V breakdown of the devices allows extended input voltage range to be applied, as well as a reduction in the size of the DRAIN snubber circuit required.

The VIPER31 series meets the most stringent energy-saving standards with its very low power consumption and operates in pulse frequency modulation at light load. The devices feature high conversion efficiency performing low power consumption also under no-load condition, below 20mW with a 230V input, and over the wide supply voltage range.

Integrated safety features include overvoltage and undervoltage protections with separate and settable intervention thresholds available at OVP and UVP pins respectively. The UVP can also be used as a disabling input for the entire SMPS, with ultra-low residual input power consumption ensuring compatibility with Standby power regulations.

Short-circuit, pulse-skipping and thermal shutdown protection are also integrated into the device.

The devices have integrated HV start-up, sense FET, error amplifier and oscillator with frequency jitter PWM controller, this allows designers to create a complete application with a minimum component count.

They are optimised for the most popular PSU topologies, flyback, buck and buck boost in isolated and non-isolated forms

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