Vishay Introduces Video Highlighting SiZ700DT TrenchFET Asymmetric PowerPAIR Power MOSFET

14th June 2010
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To assist customers in understanding how co-packaging high- and low-side MOSFETs in one compact device can save on space and costs for dc-to-dc converters, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) has added a new streaming video to its website (http://www.vishay.com) highlighting the company's SiZ700DT PowerPAIR® dual asymmetric power MOSFET solution.
Traditionally, designers have had to use two discrete MOSFETs to achieve the low on-resistance and high maximum current required for system power, POL, low-current dc-to-dc, and synchronous buck applications in notebooks, VRMs, power modules, graphic cards, servers, and gaming consoles, and dc-to-dc conversion in industrial systems.

The new video explores how Vishay's SiZ700DT PowerPAIR solution reduces the space required for power architecture in dc-to-dc converters, allowing for increased functionality and the development of smaller end products, by combining a low-side and high-side MOSFET in one compact 6-mm by 3.7-mm device, while still obtaining low on-resistance and high maximum current.

The low-side MOSFET of the SiZ700DT offers an on-resistance of 5.8 milliohms at 10 V and a maximum current of 13.9 A at + 70 deg. C, while the high-side MOSFET features an on-resistance of 8.6 milliohms at 10 V and a maximum current of 10.5 A at + 70 deg. C. These specifications allow designers to use one device, saving solution cost and space, including the clearance and labeling area in between the two discrete MOSFETs.

By having the two MOSFETs already connected inside the PowerPAIR package, layouts are made easier and parasitic inductance from PCB traces are reduced, increasing efficiency. In addition, the SiZ700DT's pinning is arranged so that the input is on one side and the output is on the other, further simplifying the layout.

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