Understanding circuit protection solutions

6th August 2019
Lanna Cooper

In this video, Rakesh, a systems application engineer from Texas Instruments will discuss how the company's eFuse solution overcomes the limitatios of discrete circuit protection solutions.

The video will also discuss the benefits of eFuse solution with the help of failures case example. Circuit protection is very important in modern electronic systems, to minimise system down time and for safe operation.

The common protection requirements are inrush current control, short circuit protection, and overload current limiting. During any fault event, it is essential to limit currents and voltage as to safe levels. Otherwise it will lead to catastrophic damage, liability and safety concerns. 

Discrete circuit protection solutions are very common between source and the load. In addition, fuses use it for over current protection and blocking diode is placed in series to support reverse polarity production. 

Solutions are slower in response to short circuit faults and have poor current limit accuracies. As there is no thermal production for the pass FET, there is a chacne of violating limits for the pass FAT.

TI eFuse integrates all the essential protection features as a compact solution. eFuse offers more flexibility in system design, through adjustable current limit and inrush current control. eFuse provides quick termination of short circuit currents and offers robust system protection.

The builr-in thermal protection enhances the reliability of the device. Additional features, such as voltage monitoring, precise load current monitoring, and fault reporting adds value to the system. Most of the TI eFuse users are UL certified and are available in compact 3mm by 3mm size.

Let's see a comparison between these two solutions for a 12V application which requires reverse current blocking, fault current limit of 1.5A and over voltage cut-off at 13.8V. eFuse solution is more efficient and has a significant system level benefit over discrete solution.

For more information, watch the video below.

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