Two low-profile 0402-sized chip inductors

30th August 2019
Alex Lynn

Coilcraft has introduced two new series of low-profile wirewound chip inductors, the 0402CT Series and the 0402FL Series. The 0402CT Series features a ceramic core and has a maximum height of just 0.45mm, a 30% lower profile than competitive products. 

Offered in 23 inductance values from 1.2 to 56 nH (with, five, three or two percent tolerance), the 0402CT provides excellent Q Factor performance, up to 84 at 2.4GHz. It also offers self-resonant frequencies as high as 27.5GHz and current ratings up to 2.3 Amps (Irms).

The ferrite-core 0402FL Series has a maximum height of 0.55mm and is offered in 16 inductance values from 20 to 560nH. It is ideal for use as a one-pole filter or RF choke in cellular bands, and can be used in both mobile and infrastructure equipment. The 0402FL’s ferrite construction provides high current handling, up to 1.3 Amps (Irms), with extremely low DCR. 

Both the 0402CT and 0402FL feature RoHS compliant, matte tin over nickel over silver-platinum-glass frit terminations and withstand a maximum reflow temperature of 260°C. 

Like all Coilcraft products, complete technical specifications and free evaluation samples of the 0402CT and 0402FL Series are available. Parts are available from stock and can be ordered online.

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