Automotive applications beckon power inductors

30th September 2015
Mick Elliott

Now available in Europe through TTI is TDK’s CLF-NI-D series of rugged power inductors for use in automotive electronics. The CLF7045NI-D wirewound SMD power inductors feature high efficiency and reliability over a very wide temperature range extending rom -55 to +150°C and offer rated inductance values from 1.0μ to 470μH (E6 series).

Measuring 7.4x7.0x4.5mm, the CLF7045NI-D types are available for rated currents of 0.41 to 8.5A and offer DC resistance values ranging from 9mΩ to 1.20Ω. The components are qualified to AEC-Q200.

Advanced materials technology enables outstanding heat resistance. A bonding process for the terminals enables a solderless structural design that features improved mechanical strength. The fully automated manufacturing process ensures the high reliability and quality of the products.

As a result, the power inductors are suited for applications in demanding automotive environments such as the power supply circuits of engine control modules and ECUs for airbags, ABS, and headlights.

The CLF7045NI-D types with a 7mm form factor complement the recently introduced 6mm square CLF6045NI-D types. TDK is already planning to further expand the CLF-NI-D series with 5, 10 and 12.5mm square types in order to offer a broad lineup of power inductors that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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