Toshiba Electronics - Low-voltage, high-current MOSFETs for high-speed switching applications available in new 3.3 x 3.3 mm TSON Advance package

9th August 2011
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Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has extended its family of 30V power MOSFETs with new devices that combine high-speed switching, high current ratings and compact package size. The latest devices in the TPCx family are ideal for a wide variety of digital home appliances, office equipment and other products that require synchronous rectification DC/DC conversion.
Family for DC/DC conversion and synchronous rectification includes TSON advance format with 64% smaller footprint than SOP 8 equivalents

Based on Toshiba’s 7th generation, high-speed UMOS VII-H semiconductor process, the latest additions to the TPCx family of low withstand voltage power MOSFETs comprises nine devices in SOP-8 and the new TSON Advance package formats. The latter bridges the gap between industrial standard SOT23 and SOP8 package formats - at just 3.3mm x 3.3mm this package format delivers a 64% smaller footprint than a SOP-8 device with an equivalent power rating.
Toshiba’s UMOS VII-H low-voltage trench structure allows the new MOSFETs to deliver a combination of low on resistance (RDS(ON)) and high-speed switching characteristics. In addition a low internal gate resistance and a low Cgd/Cgs gate capacitance ratio helps to prevent the possibility of self turn-on.

All of the new MOSFETs have a maximum VDSS rating of 30V and a maximum VGSS rating of ±20V. Typical RDS(ON) values (VGS = 10V) range from 20mΩ down to just 6.0mΩ depending on the device chosen. TPC806x-H and TPC822x-H devices are supplied in SOP-8 and dual Chip SOP-8 packages respectively. TPCC806x-H parts in the TSON advanced package achieve a power dissipation of 1.9W, due to a metal base plate.

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