A New 700mA LDO With Reverse Current Protection

27th October 2010
ES Admin
The new XC6227 series from Torex is a high speed LDO with reverse current protection. The XC6227 operates with input voltages from 1.7V to 6.0V, can deliver output currents up to 700mA and is readily available with fixed output voltages from 0.8V to 5.0V in 0.05V increments.
The XC6227 presents a high output voltage accuracy of ±1% for VOUT>2.0V (±20mV when VOUT≤2.0V), a high PSRR of 65dB @ 1kHz and a low current consumption of 100µA. Moreover, its low voltage dropout of 120mV @ 300mA (VOUT≥3.0V) maximises battery life in applications with tight (VIN-VOUT) conditions.

In various applications where external protection diodes would otherwise be required, the XC6227 reverse current protection becomes an asset:

* It prevents the LDO from being damaged by reverse current flowing towards its output pin when VIN < VOUT;

* It protects the battery on the input side of the XC6227 against damage from reverse current;

* It greatly reduces the amount of leakage current that can flow from a battery on the output side of the XC6227, thus preventing this battery to discharge in an unwanted way.

In addition to its reverse current protection, the XC6227 includes thermal protection, current limiting and short circuit protection. The latter two protections are implemented by combining a current limiter and a foldback circuit. Another benefit of the foldback circuit is to partly reduce the inrush current at start-up.

The XC6227 is available in USP-6C package for applications that require both a small form factor and a good amount of power dissipation, in SOT-89-5 package for handling even higher power dissipations, and in SOT-25 package.

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