Top 5 power products in November

28th November 2022
Kiera Sowery

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top power products to have been released in November 2022.

Nexperia launches new hotswap ASFETs

Nexperia extended its ‘ASFETs for Hotswap and Soft Start’ portfolio with the introduction of 10 new 25V and 30V fully optimised devices, combining enhanced safe operating area (SOA) performance with extremely low RDS(on), making them ideal for use in 12V hotswap applications including data centre servers and communications equipment.

For several years, Nexperia has been combining proven MOSFET expertise and broad application understanding to develop ASFETs, devices in which critical MOSFET performance characteristics are enhanced to meet the requirements of particular applications. Since the launch of ASFETs, success has been seen with products optimised for battery isolation, DC motor control, Power-over-Ethernet, automotive airbag applications and more.

In-rush currents can present a reliability challenge in hotswap applications. Nexperia, the original pioneer of enhanced SOA MOSFETs, has addressed this concern by designing a portfolio of ‘ASFETs for Hotswap and Soft Start with enhanced SOA’ that are fully optimised for such applications. 

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Luminus releases the SBT-10X UV-A LED series

Luminus Devices has announced the release of the SBT-10X-UV LED series, a surface mount device (SMD) that utilises Luminus’ latest Gen5 die architecture.

Delivering up to 75% higher output than Luminus’ Gen4 die, the Gen5 technology achieves an industry leading flux of up to 5W from a single 1mm2 class chip. As such, it improves end-system performance for the most demanding curing applications including 3D printing, curing and maskless lithography, where maximum flux density directly translates to faster curing and higher productivity.

The Gen5 technology integrates know-how in very high intensity chip structures that Luminus has developed and improved for over 15 years. Luminus states that this technology achieves excellent reliability at drive conditions often 2x what the competition supports.

It is available in 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and 415nm wavelengths and comes in a compact 3.5mm x 3.5mm surface mount cavity package with a flat borosilicate cover helping maximise optical coupling efficiency into the end system.

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Power amplifier operates between 18GHz and 44GHz

In stock now at distributor Mouser Electronics is the ADPA7005 power amplifier from Analog Devices.

The ADPA7005 power amplifier is a gallium arsenide (GaAs), pseudomorphic high electron mobility transfer (pHEMT) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) device.

This amplifier features an integrated temperature-compensated on-chip power detector that operates between 18GHz and 44GHz.

It provides 15.5dB of small signal gain and approximately 32dBm of saturated output power at 32GHz from a 5V supply voltage.

This device features an IP3 of 40dBm and is ideal for linear applications like electronic counter-measure and instrumentation applications requiring >30dBm of efficient saturated output power.

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VARTA launches latest version of its CoinPower series

With the fifth generation of its flagship lithium-ion rechargeable cell, VARTA provides a new product for future-driven innovations. At electronica, VARTA will showcase its extensive microbattery portfolio and focus the topic of sustainability from 15th to 18th November in Munich.

At this year’s electronica, the popular trade fair and conference for electronics, VARTA has a new product on display; Its latest addition to its highly successful CoinPower range, the A5 version. But there is more, under the motto “empowering independence”, the technology company from Ellwangen will present latest trends in energy solutions and power supply. Speeches, live presentations, a special guest and a competition will add hands-on experience, insights and fun.

CoinPower has long been VARTA’s flagship product. The rechargeable lithium-ion cells feature high energy in a small format. The cells of the A5 generation are suitable for TWS headphones and the current trend of gaming TWS Earbuds, wearables and IoT devices with high convenience for the consumer. Customer project discussions are already taking place. The production of the new cells will start at the beginning of 2023.

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Melexis has the solution for EV battery current sensing

Melexis has announced the MLX91230 and the MLX91231. They offer access to shunt or Hall type current sensor technologies. These ASIL compliant devices can measure voltage, current and temperature. Customers will be provided with flexibility and design reusability in their electric vehicle (EV) power systems.

The MLX91230, which is a conventional Hall sensor, is complemented by the MLX91231 shunt interface current sensor IC. These devices target high-voltage (HV) battery functions. Such functions include current monitoring in battery management system (BMS), battery disconnect units (BDUs), also known as battery junction boxes (BJBs), and power relay assemblies (PRAs).

The MLX91230 exhibits below one percent sensitivity drift and 100mA offset over temperature and operational lifespan. The MLX91231 has a sub-0.5% sensitivity drift with a 50mA offset. 

By having one product family offering both shunt and Hall based current sensing, tier1s can decide which combination is the best fit for each vehicle OEM. They can easily switch from one configuration to the other if requirements change. OEMs can integrate different combinations into their vehicle models. This reusability has the benefit of minimising the engineering effort.

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