Top 5 power products in March

31st March 2023
Paige West

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top five power products to have been released in March 2023.

150 and 200W DC/DC converters with 12:1 input range

TRACO POWER announces its TEP 150UIR and TEP 200UIR families of 150- and 200W DC/DC converters with a 12:1 input range (14-160VDC) in a fully-encapsulated half brick package.

These converters enable design engineers to utilise a single power supply solution that accepts an array of nominal system voltages, including 24/48/72/110 VDC input.

The TEP 150UIR and TEP 200UIR families offer seven different output models (each) ranging from 5 to 53V. Their integrated hold-up function satisfies the extended holdup requirements of EN50155 (Criteria B) while active inrush current limiting minimizes stress to related circuits, breakers, and fuses.

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Buttkereit expands its power base with new product range

Buttkereit is expanding its equipment range in the UK with the launch of DIN rail power supplies.

Capable of operating in a wide range of challenging industrial environments, the Italian-made units have been developed by Automation Specialists Detas Spa.

Managing energy usage efficiently is vital for business operations, whether building cars or on a line producing machine parts. The Power Supplies, only available from sole UK distributor Buttkereit, offer high quality low no-load power consumption, while their sleek design makes them the perfect fit where factory space is limited.

The automotive industry, mechanical engineering, logistics, wind power and the process industry to name just a few of the sectors that can benefit from these highly reliable and efficient compact units. They are available in a wide range of output voltage and current options from 5A up to 40A with switch mode, single-phase and three-phase options.

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Redundancy module for phase monitoring with automatic changeover

With the module PSZ-1086, Bicker Elektronik, Donauwoerth/Germany, presents a phase redundancy solution that ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a phase failure.

The failure protection for 1-phase applications takes the form of an all-pole automatic changeover of the supply line. Monitoring is provided by potential-free signal contacts. The module was developed for applications up to 400W power and is designed for operation in a 230VAC network. The wide operating temperature range of the PSZ-1086 extends from -30° to +85°C.

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Vishay enhances anti-surge thick film resistor

Vishay has announced that it has enhanced the Vishay Draloric RCS0805 e3 anti-surge thick film resistor in the 0805 case size with a higher power rating of 0.5W.

With its increased power rating, the RCS0805 e3 can now be used in place of four standard parallel resistors in the 0805 case size; two parallel devices in the larger 1206 case size; or one resistor in the 1210 case size. This allows designers to save board space in automotive, industrial, telecommunications, and medical applications while lowering component counts and reducing placement costs. For applications subject to high and repetitive surge pulses, the resistor also offers superior pulse load performance and ESD surge characteristics when compared to standard chip resistors.

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STMicroelectronics makes lithium batteries with BMS controller

STMicroelectronics’ L9961 battery-management-system (BMS) device provides accuracy and flexibility to enhance the performance, lifetime, and safety of Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries.

Suitable for battery packs up to 25V, the L9961 provides monitoring, balancing, and protection of batteries for diverse applications requiring the high energy density of lithium batteries. Cordless power tools, backup energy-storage systems, uninterruptible power supplies, portable and semi-portable equipment, and medical devices can benefit from the L9961’s advanced features.

The many built-in features include a dual pre-driver for controlling battery-pack safety relays, which can be programmed for high-side and low-side connection. An embedded non-volatile memory for configuration data relieves the microcontroller from reprogramming the device at each startup. An I2C interface handles configuration and host communication to share battery state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH).

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