Top 5 portable phone chargers

28th March 2022
Beatrice O'Flaherty

With the ever-increasing capabilities and high-processing capacity of mobile phones and portable devices, many are finding their battery life doesn’t always see them through the day. Whether you’re travelling without access to a mains socket or you’re constantly on the go and need your phone by your side, Electronic Specifier has compiled its top five portable phone chargers to aid your decision-making.

Noliii Couple Case

Our top pick has to be this patented iPhone case which takes on a multitude of functions. With the option to build your own customisation, this case offers interchangeable lifestyle accessories such as a clip-on wallet, fitness bang, integrated cable and of course a battery pack.

The battery pack is purposefully wired as Noliii state that this is “up to 70% more efficient than wireless charging”, but this power pack is still out of sight and out of mind as it slots neatly behind your phone.

The only problem (that we can see) with this case is that it’s currently only available for Apple users and seems to stop with the twelfth generation. Hopefully they’ll continue the line quickly and expand to other phone providers.

Anker 521 Magnetic Battery (PowerCore 5K)

Perhaps one of the most well known and reputable brands, Anker provides a wide array of power banks. It offers a range of products, widely known for it older and more conventional options which require a charging wire.

Newer solutions are magnetic and designed for iPhone generations 12 and onwards. Anker prides itself on this product’s “battery life that exceeds industry standards”. Boasting a ‘snap-and-go’ feature, phones can charge through their ‘MagSafe’ cases – for some this may be a caveat as not all cases are ‘MagSafe’ so it may require additional purchase depending on your current case’s compatibility.

Magnetic batteries come with an option to charge via USB-C cables and an 18-month warranty.

INIU PowerPaw Mega 20,000mAh

This no-nonsense power bank works via wire connection. It is fit for use for any phone brand with INIU claiming it’s “the most compact 20,000mAH portable charger on the market.”

With not only a UCB-C input port, this pack has USB C output so that it fits all upcoming USB C devices.

Its 12-layer SmartProtect safety protection and anti-impact casing, it is both durable and safe for use. It also has a torch feature to add to its practicality.

Stating charging speeds as zero to 60% in the space of just 35 minutes, its 20W power delivery 3.0 is a speedy alternative for people needing quick access to charging.

NOVOO Power Bank with AC Outlet 83WH

One of the most affordable power packs on the market, this power bank is ideal for British, EU and American plugs. It is suitable for not only phones but other devices such as laptops, GoPros, lamps, drones and small fans.

With 22,5000mAH capacity, the external bank has high efficiency and low energy loss. Capable of charging an iPhone 8 up to six times, the Huawei Mate 10 up to four and a MacBook Pro 12” once completely.

Charging an iPhone 12 from zero to 50% in half an hour, this charger delivers speed and high levels of power at a low cost.

JONKUU power bank 10,0000mAh

This is one of the smaller portable charging devices on the market with dimensions of 6.2cm x 9.45 cm. Its LED indicators offer customers insight into remaining battery capacity.

This pack may not boast as many full charges as other options but weighing only 203g, its compact and lightweight nature make it a practical solution.

It has a high-density, realiable A+ 10,0000mAh lithium-ion battery and dual 2.4A outputs with Micro and Type-C input which enables fast charge at full speed. Safety features include automatic turn-off when short circuit or overloading occurs.

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