The Digital Imperative: The Rising Wave in Power Factor Correction (PFC) Techniques

28th September 2010
ES Admin
With the push toward more efficient energy usage, lower carbon footprints and resource sustainability gaining momentum throughout the world, virtually every aspect of energy generation and consumption is coming under intense scrutiny for improvement. Much of the media buzz has centered upon such “big picture” sweeping changes as smart power grids, wind and solar power, carbon sequestration, etc. However, equally important changes are also taking place on the consumption side of the equation, with the continuing development of new high-efficiency electronic products in support of sustainable energy supply and smart consumption.
Utilities have increasing concerns with distortion to the voltage waveform supplied to their customers as well as the effects of non-linear loads on their distribution systems. The cost implications of low power factor in distribution infrastructures are apparent in added heating losses resulting in the early replacement of capital equipment. Cirrus Logic’s smart energy products improve power grid performance by introducing an innovative digital solution for power factor correction.

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