Tantalum polymer capacitors to drive megatrend applications

10th June 2019
Alex Lynn

Global supplier of electronic components, KEMET, has expanded the temperature capability of T598 devices, a first-to-market Tantalum Polymer Surface Mount Capacitor. These address the stringent requirements and challenges presented by megatrend applications in automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving and in digitalisation uses.

T598 automotive grade polymer electrolytic devices combine multiple high-performance characteristics including high capacitance / voltage (CV) ratings, single digit equivalent series resistance (ESR), class-leading ripple performance, and ultra-extended life to truly enable the development and deployment of exciting and revolutionary technologies. 

AEC-200 qualified T598 devices have excellent volumetric efficiency, which in tandem with high capacitance values now up to 470mF, voltage offerings of 2.5VDC to 50VDC and new single digit ESR, means single components can be used where current solutions dictate that multiple devices must be used. Therefore, KEMET’s new devices can help designers achieve both vital board real estate and cost savings. 

Robust and stable performance to 2,000 hours at temperatures to 125°C, equating to an ultra-extended mission profile of around 15 years, aligns with the requirements for vehicle applications ranging from ADAS features such as blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and emergency brake assist, to safety systems including airbag occupant detection and alarm systems and electronic stability control.

The increase in electronic content on vehicles to enable ADAS, comfort and convenience and connectivity as well as the transition to hybrid and fully electrified powertrains, and ultimately fully autonomous driving, creates new opportunities for companies like KEMET to develop component technologies that can satisfy performance and life requirements not previously seen in the sector. The T598 series provides the latest example of this being achieved.

Dr. Philip Lessner, KEMET Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said: “The developments and megatrends we are witnessing in the automotive sector and in areas such as 5G base stations and cloud computing server farms are dramatic, exciting and more significant than anything seen in decades. 

“In order for these megatrends to maintain their momentum and deliver the end products being developed, component technologies that achieve new performance levels across multiple criteria are essential. The T598 family is a perfect example of this and will allow electronic design engineers to evolve their concepts to reality.”

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