Step down DC/DC converters achieve low ripple and high efficiency

22nd June 2018
Lanna Cooper


Torex Semiconductor has launched the XC9267 series of 36V, 600mA step-down synchronous DC/DC converters for use with industrial equipment and consumer appliances powered from 12V or 24V lines.

The XC9267 series has a maximum input voltage of 36V and its low minimum input voltage of 3.0V makes a MAX Duty of 100% possible so it can also be used in an input OR circuit for use with a backup line.

Output current is 600mA and when compared with linear voltage regulators conventionally used in this area the higher efficiency of the XC9267 circuit generates less heat. The small USP-6C package reduces mounting space required by 1/5 in comparison to previous products.

Switching frequency can be selected from either 1.2MHz or 2.2MHz and since operation is PWM control the XC9267 achieves low ripple and high efficiency. The soft-start time has been set internally to 2.0ms (Typ.) but can be adjusted to set a longer time using an external resistor and capacitor.

In the compact USP-6C package the XC9267 also features a power good function which means that an additional voltage detector for monitoring the output voltage is not required and this enables the number of external parts to be reduced. The Power Good function and the external soft-start function also serve to simplify sequence control.

Protective circuits built into the XC9267 include an overcurrent protection circuit, a short circuit protection circuit and a thermal shutdown circuit to ensure safe use.


  • Switching frequency of 2.2MHz and small USP-6C package reduce the board mounting area to 1/5 that of conventional products.
  • Sequence control is possible using the power good function and external soft-start function.
  • Can be used as a common power supply for 12V and 24V systems.

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