SolarEdge launches power optimisers

24th June 2024
Caitlin Gittins

SolarEdge Technologies has announced the German launch of its high-power SolarEdge TerraMax Inverter, paired with H1300 Power Optimizers. 

The new SE300K inverter has been certified and is now available for order in Germany.

Aimed at small-to-medium utility scale PV installations, this versatile solution is ideal for various topographies and challenging site conditions, including ground-mounted sites on sloped, uneven, or irregular terrains, as well as dual-use sites such as floating PV and Agri-PV with trackers.

The SolarEdge TerraMax Inverter incorporates SolarEdge’s advanced Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE), which enhances energy output by mitigating module mismatch and shading losses, commonly found in bi-facial modules and vertical PV systems. It also features built-in safety measures and offers design flexibility.

This solution is powered by the SolarEdge ONE platform for commercial and industrial (C&I) energy optimisation, providing high-precision module-level monitoring and PV fleet management to minimise site visits, increase system uptime, and reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

The optimised utility solution is engineered to boost energy production with 99% inverter efficiency, 200% DC-oversizing, and an integrated night-time PID rectifier. The design supports string lengths of up to 80 modules, reducing cabling and overall equipment needs, potentially cutting balance of system (BoS) costs by up to 50%. Additionally, pre-commissioning allows for early validation of components and wiring before AC connection.

Alfred Karlstetter, Europe General Manager at SolarEdge Technologies, commented: “We are pleased to bring the benefits of power optimiaation and high-resolution monitoring to the German utility solar segment with the introduction of our new high-power SolarEdge TerraMax Inverter. We believe that SolarEdge’s leading DC-optimiaation technology will help maximise value to investors and EPCs.”



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