SolarEdge installs first UL1741 330kW Inverter in California

19th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

SolarEdge Technologies, a global pioneer in smart energy technology, has announced that its new high-power DC-optimised SolarEdge 330kW Inverter system for ground mount solar has received UL1741-SB certification and is now deployed with its first customer in the US.

The first commissioned DC-optimised SolarEdge 330kW Inverter system in the US is a 1MW ground mount solar system that was recently installed in Northern California, on a site owned by the Karuk Tribe.

Designed to manage and distribute electrical power efficiently over long distances and to reduce Balance of System (BoS) costs, the system was installed by Arizona-based EPC company, SunRenu. The project is expected to produce approximately 1,575,000kWh of solar energy annually and, according to SunRenu, is anticipated to offset approximately 96% of the site’s annual electricity use, reducing carbon emissions by around 1,018 tons per year.

Launched in the US in the third quarter of 2023 and now commercially available, the high-power, three phase DC-optimised SolarEdge 330kW Inverter and its complementing H1300 Power Optimiser, enables the challenges often posed by shading, and uneven terrain on expansive community solar, agri-PV, floating PV, carports, and small-to-medium scale utility PV applications to be overcome. The solution is designed to help lower the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) by yielding more energy production over the system’s lifetime. It achieves this through 99% inverter efficiency, 2:1 Power Optimisers, 200% DC-oversizing, an integrated PID rectifier, as well as reducing BoS costs by up to 50% with fewer and longer strings.

"We selected SolarEdge's 330kW Inverter for the Karuk Tribe owned site as it mitigated voltage drop which, in turn, minimised power degradation and streamlined installation. Additionally, its higher power output substantially decreased the number of inverters needed, resulting in lower installation costs and balance of system costs.” said John McDonnell, Principal, SunRenu. “This advanced solution not only handled project-specific challenges but also provided module-level power electronics benefits, ensuring increased energy production, enhanced safety features and efficient monitoring. With Safe DC functionality and voltage regulation capabilities, SolarEdge's technology not only met stringent safety standards but also gained trust from the local utility company, aligning with the customer’s commitment to innovation, safety, and operational efficiency.”

The SolarEdge 330kW inverter is expected to be available commercially in the UK from H2, 2024.

Christelle Barnes, UK Country Manager, SolarEdge, commented: “We are excited to introduce our new high-power DC-optimised 330kW inverter system in the UK later this year, bringing the benefits of lower LCOE with power optimisation, advanced safety and high-resolution monitoring  to the agri-PV, floating PV and small-to-medium scale utility segments. With the UK solar industry seeking solutions that improve both scalability and economics for small-to-medium scale utility solar, we anticipate that DC-optimisation will be critical in maximising value and return on investment for solar customers.”

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