Small SMD power inductor features ferrite core

24th September 2015
Jordan Mulcare

The CDR74B SMD shielded power inductor from Total Frequency Control provides a high inductance with high rated DC current in a very small SMD shielded package. These high quality components can be assembled using reflow or wave soldering techniques and are supplied packed in bulk or on a 12mm tape and reel.

This particular inductor has a ferrite core and high self resonant frequency with inductance values from 10 up to 270uH. The maximum rated current is based on a temperature rise of +40°C and a maximum inductance fall of 80% of the original value. The CDR74B inductor is suitable for use in applications such as Notebook PCs, LCD TVs, games machines, HDDs, DSC/DVCs, and also DC/DC converters.

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