Silanna Semiconductor launches 100W multi-port fast charger reference design

17th March 2023
Harry Fowle

Silanna Semiconductor has expanded its family of fast charger reference designs with the company’s first 100W multi-port offering.

Built around Silanna’s CO2 Smart Power advanced AC/DC controllers and high-frequency DC/DC converters, the RD-16 integrates a front-end PFC converter stage and provides a high-power-density, ultra-efficient, production-ready solution for multi-port 100W USB-PD applications delivering currents up to 5A.

Silanna’s RD-16 is a GaN-based solution that will simplify and speed charger development by providing everything an engineer needs to rapidly prototype and test a fully functional 100W 2C1A multi-port unit. The design is based on the AnyPort architecture, which offers the flexibility to complete a charger design for a given power level prior to specifying and configuring the specific number and type of output ports. By allowing a single base charger design to be deployed across a variety of end products with different output configurations, AnyPort can significantly reduce the complexity of fast chargers and adapters with multiple Type-C and/or Type-A output ports.

The RD-16 brings together Silanna’s SZ1131 fully integrated AC/DC active clamp flyback (ACF) controller and the company’s SZDL3105 and SZPL3102S high-voltage, high-efficiency integrated buck converters offering ratings of 100W and 65W respectively. End-to-end peak efficiency exceeds 92% and is relatively flat across the universal input voltage range (90–265Vac). Because the reference design exceeds conducted and radiated EMI requirements, it eliminates the need for pre-production validation and certification, speeding up the production cycle.

“Our aim is to provide designers with all the tools and support they need to rapidly develop high-efficiency, small form factor, low component counts fast chargers,” says Ahsan Zaman, Silanna Semiconductor’s, Director of Product Marketing. “By combining our CO2 Smart Power family of advanced AC/DC and DC/DC technologies with GaN power switching and our innovative and flexible AnyPort architecture the RD-16 offers the fastest possible route from prototyping to full production for 100W fast chargers with any number or type of output ports.”

The RD-16 is the latest addition to Silanna’s comprehensive family of production-ready reference designs that provide everything needed to develop high-density chargers with low operational and no-load/standby power consumption and minimum component count, BOM cost, and size. This family includes all-silicon 33W and 45W solutions and silicon- and GaN-based single- and multiple-output 65W USB-PD reference designs. Full availability of PCB Gerber and production files further reduces the time from prototyping to full production.

RD-16 key features:

  • 100W 2C1A high-power-density AnyPort reference design with Innoscience GaN power transistor
  • 92% peak efficiency
  • 14W/inch3 uncased power density
  • Flat efficiency across universal (90–265Vac) input voltage and load
  • Uses Silanna Semiconductor’s newest fully integrated ACF controller (SZ1131)
  • Uses Silanna Semiconductor’s high-voltage, high-efficiency 100W integrated buck converter (SZDL3105)
  • Uses Silanna Semiconductor’s high-voltage, high-efficiency 65W integrated buck converter (SZPL3102)
  • CO2 Smart Power by Silanna Semiconductor

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