SiC FETs boast 750 VDS rating

22nd January 2021
Mick Elliott

In stock now at distributor Mouser Electronics, Inc. are the UJ4C 750V Gen 4 SiC FETs from UnitedSiC.

The UJ4C devices are the first SiC FETs on the market to have a 750 VDS rating.

UnitedSiC UJ4C 750V Gen 4 SiC (Silicon Carbide) FETs are based on a cascode circuit configuration, in which a normally-on SiC JFET is co-packaged with a Si FET to produce a normally-off SiC FET device.

The UJ4C 750V Gen 4 SiC FETs are designed to accelerate the power performance gains in automotive and industrial charging, telecom rectifiers, data centre PFC DC-DC conversion, as well as renewable energy and energy storage applications.

Available in 18mΩ and 60mΩ options, these new SiC FETs deliver best-in-class Figures of Merit (FoM) with reduced on-resistance per unit area and low intrinsic capacitance.

In hard-switching applications, the Gen 4 FETs exhibit ultra-low RDS(on) x EOSS, resulting in lower turn-on and turn-off loss.

Applications for the include PV inverters, EV charging, switched-mode power supplies, power factor correction modules, motor drives, and induction heating.

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