SiC diodes offer higher efficiency and lower system costs

1st March 2018
Alice Matthews

With the introduction of a new family of 650V silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes, ON Semiconductor has extended its SiC diode portfolio. The diodes’ silicon carbide technology provides higher switching capabilities with lower power losses and supposedly effortless paralleling of devices.

ON Semiconductor’s newly released family of 650V SiC diodes includes surface mount and through hole packages ranging from 6-50A. All of the diodes provide zero reverse recovery, low forward voltage, temperature independent current stability, high surge capacity and positive temperature coefficient.

The new diodes are aimed at engineers designing PFC and boost converters for various applications including solar PV inverters, EV/HEV chargers, telecom power and data centre power supplies while facing challenges to deliver smaller footprints at higher efficiencies.

The 650V devices offer the combined system benefits of higher efficiency, higher power density, smaller footprints and enhanced reliability. They exhibit a reduced power loss due to the inherent low forward voltage (VF) and no reverse recovery charge of SiC diodes, and hence improved efficiency.

The faster recovery of SiC diodes allows for higher switching speeds and therefore reduces the size of magnetics and other passive components, enabling greater power density and smaller overall circuit designs.  In addition, the SiC diodes can withstand higher surge currents and deliver stability over their -55 to 175°C operating temperature range.

ON Semiconductor’s SiC Schottky diodes feature a patented termination structure that reinforces reliability and enhances stability and ruggedness. Additionally, the diodes offer higher avalanche energy, apparently the industry’s highest unclamped inductive switching (UIS) capability and lowest leakage currents.

"ON Semiconductor’s new 650V family of SiC diodes complement the company’s existing 1,200V SiC devices, bringing a broader product range to our customers,” said Simon Keeton, Senior Vice President and General Manager, MOSFET Business Unit, ON Semiconductor. “Utilising the unique characteristics of wide band gap materials, SiC technology offers tangible benefits over silicon, and their robust construction provides a dependable solution in applications in challenging environments. Our customers will benefit from simplified, better performing, smaller footprint designs as a result of these new devices.” 

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