SiC diode for renewable energy applications

17th January 2019
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that Wolfspeed, A Cree Company, has introduced the 5th generation (C5D) 1,700V SiC Schottky diode, which is optimised for renewable energy, industrial power and electric vehicle charging applications including solar power and wind turbine inverters, off-board chargers and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). 

The 1,700V C5D is commercially available in both bare die and package formats, providing designers with a versatile portfolio that can be utilised in diverse settings. It joins the current line of 1,700V MOSFETs, which feature an optimised TO-247-4 Plus package that provides extra electrical isolation suitable for high-pollution environments.

Wolfspeed’s new Schottky diodes feature essentially no switching losses due to nearly zero reverse recovery and the industry’s lowest forward voltage drop. This generates higher efficiencies and systems that are smaller, cooler, faster and lower cost than possible with silicon (Si) bipolar devices. The C5D product family combines these features with the new TO-247-2 package option, making it suitable for high-pollution environments such as off-board battery chargers and solar inverters that require high power and voltage. 

The C5D is a direct drop in replacement of Wolfspeed’s 3rd generation 1,700V product. In addition, the family boasts the industry’s largest range of current ratings at this voltage: five, ten, 25, and 50A, giving designers maximum flexibility in incorporating the C5D series into their designs.

“At Wolfspeed, our goal is to enable our customers to create innovative and ground-breaking designs that are enabled by silicon carbide,” said Jay Cameron, Wolfspeed’s General Manager of the Power Business. “The launch of the C5D offers our customers the ability to achieve higher efficiency and better overall system performance.”

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