Sensorless controller drives three-phase BLDC motors

20th June 2016
Nat Bowers

Expanding its portfolio of motor controllers, ON Semiconductor has announced a high performance and feature-packed three-phase BLDC motor controller. The LV8907UW integrates gate drivers for six N-channel MOSFETs and a dual-stage charge pump for 100% duty-cycle operation. It supports an operating voltage range from 5.5 to 20V (4.5 to 40V transient).

In its lowest cost configuration the IC can operate without an external MCU. The device requires no programming, as key parameters and functions - such as startup and speed setting - can be configured via SPI interface and stored in embedded non-volatile (OTP) memory. Open-loop and closed-loop speed control are possible. For more complex applications, the LV8907UW can also support a small MCU with its integrated linear regulator (3.3 or 5V, 50mA), a LIN transceiver for automotive connectivity and a watchdog timer.

AEC-Q100 qualified, the LV8907UW’s operational temperature range reaches up to +175°C, ensuring reliable operation in challenging automotive environments. Integrated protection mechanisms include over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, under-voltage and over-temperature. The features of the device make it suited for use in automotive water pumps, oil pumps, fuel pumps, HVAC systems, radiator fans and headlamp cooling units.

Ikuya Kawasaki, General Manager, System Solutions Group, ON Semiconductor, commented: “Compelled by market pressures and increasingly stringent legislative measures, automotive manufacturers need to find ways to improve the fuel economy of their models. Electrification of former mechanical applications - such as pumps and fans - is a key step in this path. Thanks to its high degree of integration and support for sensor-less operation, the LV8907UW enables motor systems to attain maximum efficiency levels without an MCU. The resulting designs have reduced complexity and BOM, as well as enhanced reliability.”

The LV8907UW is supplied in a SQFP48K package format, priced at $5.55 per unit in 2,500 unit quantities.

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