Reference design boards support gate driver ICs

7th September 2017
Mick Elliott

Two gate driver reference design boards from Power Integrations are available with full design support services at Richardson RFPD. The new general-purpose base boards are for Power Integrations’ SCALE-iDriver SID1182K, a galvanically-isolated single-channel gate driver IC device with 8A output current that enables the product to drive devices up to 450A (typical) without requiring any additional active components.

For gate drive requirements that exceed the stand-alone capability of the SID1182K, an external amplifier (booster) may be added. 

The new reference boards are available with (RDHP-1526) and without (RDHP-1608) the booster stage.

The boards are suitable for IBGT power modules in various housings and up to 800V DC-link voltage and include electrical interfaces.

RDHP-1526 features a 15A booster stage and basic active clamping.

RDHP-1608 provides a low component count with an 8A output current.

Both reference designs include short-circuit detection with advanced soft shutdown.

Additional features of the RDHP-1526 and RDHP-1608 include:

  • 0 V / 5 V command input logic
  • 0 V / 5 V status output logic
  • Minimum pulse suppression
  • 5 V supply voltage
  • Single PCB solution with soldered-in gate driver IC

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