Quarter brick DC/DC modules from Ericsson offer extra output voltage ranges

5th February 2007
ES Admin
Expanding its PKM-E series of DC/DC modules, Ericsson Power Modules has introduced a further three models that provide extra output voltage ranges, more current, and more power for telecom and data equipment vendors operating in the areas of distributed power architecture, wireless networks, enterprise networks, access and optical networks, industrial, and the latest generation of ICs.
Addressing market needs for cost efficient, high efficiency, standard products, Ericsson Power Modules has added the PKM4515ZE PI 48Vin/ 24V/2.1A 50Wout, the PKM4619E PI 48Vin/ 2.5V/25A 62.5Wout, and the PKM4810E PI 48Vin/ 3.3V/25A 82.5Wout.

The PKM4515ZE PI is specially designed to power fans, blowers and fan-trays i.e. rack-mounted trays containing multiple fans that are inserted into rack based electronic systems. In this application, the module contributes to efficient cooling, reducing heat build up in electronic systems.

To enable multiple sourcing, the modules utilize the ubiquitous, industry standard quarter-brick format, whilst employing a cost efficient, proprietary open-frame design that enables Ericsson to offer a very competitive pricing structure, providing cost savings to both purchasers and end users.

Reducing energy consumption, the modules feature high efficiency - typically 92 percent at 3.3Vout half load - and operate over an input voltage range of 36 to 75Vdc. They feature remote on/off, output voltage adjustment, remote sense, current protection, overvoltage protection, and overtemperature protection.

The PKM-E family utilizes a single side components mounting design, again contributing to a cost effective solution. The family is Ericsson's latest, non-baseplated, cost efficient quarter-brick platform. It allows the user to simply replace an existing quarter-brick part with a high reliability PKM-E that is approximately 25 percent lower cost, and complies with upcoming legislation affecting Restriction of Hazardous Substances. With a height of only 8.5mm (0.33), it is ideal for low profile applications.

A heat sink (HS) option is available for applications where cold wall mounting is deployed. A specially developed magnetic design contributes to more power being available from these latest modules.
PKM-E has experienced quick market adoption, and has won several design ins in a wide range of applications such as the growing A-TCA (advanced telecom computing architecture) and industrial computerized process control.

The PKM-E family complies with all the requirements for industry-standard quarter-brick products. Coupled with a complete program that addresses all of the commonly required output voltages, this means that Ericsson Power Modules' PKM-E family is a very viable, no compromise, cost effective platform that can replace more costly products with minimum qualification efforts. In fact, the platform has spawned the phrase; “don't re-spin, just drop it in”. The message to engineers being, don’t revise your board, just drop in a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution.
The modules offer a reliability figure of 1.5MHrs MTBF at 40 degrees centigrade, and environmentally friendly, the modules are fully RoHS compliant.

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