DDC announce high-performance 3-phase DC motor torque controller

29th July 2013
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Data Device Corporation has today announced a new 3-Phase DC motor torque controller. The PW-82530N0 is a high performance and low cost torque loop controller designed to precisely regulate the current in the motor windings of 3-phase brushless DC motors. The controller provides complementary four-quadrant operation making it ideal for applications requiring precise current regulation and/or holding torque at zero input command.
“Complementary four-quadrant drive capability enables the PW-82530N0 to offer highly linear current control and superior holding torque, especially during a zero current command, affording it significant advantages over standard motor controllers, in a low cost package”, stated Steve Rood Goldman, DDC’s Marketing Manager.

Benefits include:

-Single-Module Solution More Efficient than In-House and Multi-Component Designs:

Self-Contained 3-Phase Motor Controller

Programmability Allows Common Design to be Used Across Multiple Application Platforms

Fewer Components = Better MTBF Rating and Higher Reliability

-Complementary Four-Quadrant Drive Offers Performance Advantages Over Standard Drives:

Holding Torque Through Zero Current

Linear Current Control Through Zero

No Deadband at Zero

-Zero Current Holding Torque Control Enables High Accuracy Positioning and Control for Critical Applications:

7% Linearity

3% Current Regulating Accuracy

10 Amp Output Current

40°C to +100°C Operation


-Electric Actuators

-Antenna Position and Control

-Reaction/Momentum Wheel Systems

-Flight Surface Control:

Horizontal Stabilizers


-Valve Control

-Pump Control:

Fuel Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

-Radar Systems

-Robotic Countermeasure Systems

-Industrial Robotics

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