Programmable power supply has a constant power bi-directional output

19th March 2018
Staff Reporter

A power supply that provides up to 15kW from a compact 3U high unit has just been announced by Powersolve. The SM500-CP-50 features a constant power, bi-directional output and a number of features designed to provide users with an easy to use, flexible power source. According to Powersolve, a bi-directional output provides the same power characteristic in the second quadrant for the full 15kW while the flexible constant power output characteristic means the lower the voltage, the higher the current.

For example, 166V: -90 to +90A and 500V: -30 to +30A. Voltage and positive current and negative current can all be adjusted from zero to maximum. The unit will also work from practically any worldwide AC mains input.

The SM500-CP-50, which is manufactured by Delta Elektronika, can operate like an electronic load. Unlike earlier Delta Elektronika power supplies which used an optional power sink that could absorb up to 10% of the total energy dissipated via internal heatsinks, the new unit can sink up to 100% of the power without the need to dissipate large amounts of energy.

The power supply is designed to be quick to respond to load changes particularly when it comes to changing from positive to negative current and vice versa. The unit uses digital control to adapt regulation to match the type of load. The output voltage of the SM500-CP-50 recovers in just 200µs after a load change from +90 to -90A and -90 to +90A.

The power supply’s standard interface is Ethernet with a built-in sequencer. Other interfaces available include digital I/O, serial – RS232, RS485, RS422 and USB. Other interfaces such as isolated analog programming and master/slave are currently in development. Temperature controlled fans guarantee silent operation.

The SM500-CP-90 is protected against all overload conditions and EMC conducted and radiated emissions are according to EN55022 Class B.



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