Programmable power platform sources constant power

28th March 2022
Beatrice O'Flaherty

The SE 11/12 systems by Seron Electronics are programmable platforms that allow sourcing and measurement of electrical quantities applied to loads with a wide range of characteristics.

Aside from current and voltage, the platform can supply constant power, with 1 mW resolution, for dynamic loads. This unique feature enables rapid testing of energy storage devices, open-loop control of thermal systems, and many more.

A single instrument delivers power sourcing, instrumentation and measurement, with capabilities up to 36Vdc and 16A.

Units deliver programmable output through user-defined waveforms and feature minimalistic design for an intuitive user experience.

The SE 11/12 Platforms are excellent devices for research settings in the areas of energy, robotics, and biomedicine. Moreover, they are great educational tools for engineering labs

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