PowerDI5 bipolars from Diodes Incorporated bring big space savings

11th March 2010
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Diodes Incorporated has announced its first transistor products in its miniature PowerDI5 surface mount package. Designed on the company's 5th generation matrix emitter process, a range of 12 NPN and PNP transistors has initially been released, helping designers to significantly raise power densities and shrink solution size.
With a footprint of just 26mm2, PowerDI5 takes 47% less space than SOT223 and 60% less than DPAK, and in terms of off-board height PowerDI5's 1.1mm compares favourably with SOT223's 1.65mm and DPAK's 2.3mm.

PowerDI5's minimum copper power rating of 0.74W means it delivers excellent thermal performance from a small area to dramatically improve power density. Its thermal resistance rating of 75ºC/W on 25mm x 25mm copper and FR4 gives a power rating of 1.7W enabling it to replace SOT223 in applications reliant on package thermal performance.

The first NPN and PNP bipolar products in the new PowerDI5 package are aimed at datacom, telecom, motor drive and battery charger applications.

In 100V, 140V and 200V ratings, with low saturation voltage and fast switching characteristics, the DXT2013P5, DXT2014P5 and DXTP03200BP5 achieve good efficiency improvements in SLIC DC-DC converters. In linear battery chargers, the low saturation voltage, 20 volt DXTP19020DP5 ensures battery charging to full capacity even at low charger input voltage.

The package's small size and low thermal resistance make the 100V rated DXTN07100BP5 device well suited to 48V regulator applications, and the DXT5551P5 as a telecom line driver when higher voltages are needed to accommodate long line length.

The PowerDI5 packaged NPN and PNP transistors range in price from $0.20 USD to $0.30 USD each in 10K quantities.

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