Power supply can be customised rapidly without NRE costs

12th March 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

A power supply, which can be built to meet a customer’s exact requirements without the lengthy lead times and NRE costs generally associated with a customised solution, has been released by Powerstax. Key market sectors for the A3600 include communications, test and measurement, medical systems and general industrial applications.

The device is capable of providing up to 3600W of power, with multiple, isolated and configurable 1.5 to 58VDC outputs from a universal AC input. Based on industry leading power module technology, the power supply is packaged in a 19”, rack-mount 1U high unit.

By using a standard enclosure format and the modular approach, prototype units can be supplied in a matter of days, with production volumes delivered in just a few weeks. There are also no approval issues since the power modules used are fully approved to EN60601 and EN60950 standards for medical and industrial applications.

According to Powerstax, the A3600 allows users to individually adjust, enable, parallel or even stack the outputs, providing a versatile power source. In addition, each output can be adjusted via a signal voltage. Other key features include high efficiency, zero load operation, CE marking and compliance with all relevant EMC/EMI standards.

For ease of use, customers can request a closed rear panel with pre-installed cable glands or an open rear panel to accommodate a cable assembly. Input is via a standard IEC320 style connector or cable assembly.

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