Power inductors offer rated inductance values of 1.0-470μH

16th December 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Designed for use in automotive electronics, the CLF6045NI-D series of wirewound SMD power inductors has been released by TDK. Operating across a temperature range of 55 to +150 °C, the components offer rated inductance values of 1.0-470μH (E6 series). The power inductors, which measure 6.3x6.0x 4.5mm, are available for rated currents of 0.28- 6.7A and offer DC resistance values ranging from 1.1mΩ to 1.30Ω. 

Qualified to AEC-Q200, the CLF6045NI-D power inductors meet the requirements of the automotive industry. The bonding process used for the terminals enables a solderless structural design, which improves mechanical strength and ensures reliability. The components are, therefore, suitable for use in applications in demanding automotive environments such as the power supply circuits of ECMs and ECUs for airbags, ABS, and headlights. 

Mass production of the CLF6045NI-D power inductors begin in February 2015. To meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications, TDK is developing 5, 7, 10 and 12.5mm square types to offer alongside the 6mm power inductors.

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