Power film capacitors designed for EV/HEV applications

11th April 2017
Anna Flockett

Two new capacitors have been introduced by AVX, the FHC1 and FHC2 Series power film capacitors were especially designed for electric and hybrid electric vehicle (EV/HEV) applications. Exhibiting high ripple current capabilities, high dielectric strength in operating conditions up to 115°C, low inductance, low ESR, and a low thermal footprint, the new FHC Series capacitors deliver high-reliability performance that compliments and protects high-power-density inverter products.

Engineered for use in the DC-link circuits between EV/HEV rectifiers and inverters, FHC Series capacitors smooth and filter current and voltage variations and prevent ripple currents from reaching and damaging the power source, which makes them especially suitable for use in conjunction with EV and HEV IGBT modules, as well as medium-sized motor drives.

Comprised of segmented, dry-wound/non-oil-filled, metallised polypropylene, which features controlled self-healing capabilities to ensure soft end-of-life performance (a gradual loss of capacitance, rather than a catastrophic failure mode), FHC Series power film capacitors are based on several elementary wound bobbins with reinforced solder points on specific bus bar offerings. Benefits of this design include: high rms current and repartition capabilities, reduced thermal expansion constraints, high productivity, internal design flexibility, and modularity in three dimensions.

"We're pleased to announce the release of our latest power film products at APEC," said John Gallipeau, Technical Marketing Manager, Power Film Capacitors, AVX. "This conference is widely recognised as the premier annual event in applied power electronics, so we're very proud to be here promoting many of the advanced component contributions we've made to this market. AVX is committed to the continued development of innovative component technologies that - like our new FHC1 and FHC2 Series power film capacitors - are engineered to enable next-generation power electronics in markets including: automotive, industrial, medical, mil/aero, consumer, communications, and alternative energy."

Capacitors in the FHC1 Series measure 140x72x50mm and are available with standard capacitance values and voltage ratings spanning 140-300μF and 450-900VDC. Capacitors in the FHC2 Series measure 237x72x50mm and are available with standard capacitance values and voltage ratings spanning 260-900μF and 410-900VDC. Additionally, custom values spanning 100μF-1.5mF and 300-1400VDC are available upon request.

Compliant with EC 61071-1, IEC 61071-2, AEC-Q200, and RoHS, FHC Series capacitors are rated for lifetimes of up to 15,000 hours and operating temperatures spanning -40 to 105°C (and, for brief durations, up to 115°C). Capacitors in both series are enclosed in unpainted, rectangular, resin-filled plastic cases with flat copper tinned terminals by default, but aluminium cases are available upon request, as are thermocouples and additional values and bus bar designs.

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